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Studio Vansi is the mama community: Practice | Prepare | Support you & your baby

Feel welcome to pay attention to yourself, your baby and to prepare well during this period.
We guide you with wisdom and experience and provide professional childbirth education and support before, during and after your delivery.


Prenatal Yoga | Postnatal Yoga | Mama and baby yoga

Mama Course

Prenatal Course | Workshops

Mama doula

Pregnancy Coach | doula


Circle | Retreat | SelfCare

1 day Birth Prep course

In this 2,5 hour course we will discuss what you can expect during the different phases; both physical, metal and practical. We teach you real support tools and a series of breathing and delivery techniques. Thus, you gain more confidence and are well prepared.

2 week Birth Prep course

In this 2x 2,5-hour course, in addition to the phases, breathing and movement techniques, we give you all the correct and effective tools, knowledge and handles that support and make childbirth easier. So that you are confident afterwards, know what to expect and go into labor with a prepared feeling.

4 week Birth Prep course

With this 4x 2,5-hour SUPER complete and informative course you know exactly what to expect! We teach you, among other things, all the ins and outs, realistic expectations, how to manage your empowerment and to create the optimal conditions that make childbirth easier and less painful. This provides an enormous amount of insight, trust, peace, knowledge and direction. There is no more complete preparation!

Private Birth Prep workshop

Would you rather follow a private workshop? In which we give you insight into the possibilities, provide you with the right information and pay personal attention to your wishes and needs that are important to you and that you want to apply during your birth.

Postpartum Prep Workshop

What can you expect in the 4th trimester? OTo make the transition to motherhood as smooth as possible, follow the postpartum prep. With useful information, inspiration, supplementation and the best tools & tips. So that you can have a good time with which you give your child and yourself as a new (future) mother a good start. Because every mother deserves this so much!

Infant Massage workshop

Baby massage is a great way to relax together as a parent(s) and to make contact with your child and thus strengthen your bond. Baby massage is not only fun to do, but it is also very useful and helpful for your baby.


Treat your partner, sister-in-law, girlfriend or daughter to a truly valuable gift, so that you can give a loving contribution to an unforgettable birth or postpartum experience.


The lessons that are given with love and attention by our team of professional, experienced and enthusiastic teachers are sober, well-cared for and enlightening, give confidence, relaxation and fun.


Rather online follow a lesson, course or workshop with a live teacher and in a group of like-minded (upcoming) mama's (and partners)? Follow our hybrid live online classes.

9 months preparing
to fall in love for a lifetime!

Are you new? You are most welcome to request a trial class to follow in one of our hybrid (real life + online) classes, which we give at various locations (indoor and outdoor) near you in The Hague. 

Studio Vansi is the community for pregnant and giving birth mama's. With us you will find all guidance and support on your path from pregnancy to motherhood.

Fully equipped with pregnancy and postnatal yoga, outdoor mom workout, pilates, special classes, pregnancy courses, workshops, doula, coaching, circle, retreat and self care, we support you in this special phase of life.

Join our community and Enrich your journey!


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Mama Keizersnee Circle in The Hague

Unique range created to help women who give birth by cesarean section reflect, connect, support and relax to honor the special and transformative moment of your birth. Help yourself to reconnect, heal and…

Doula All You Need package The Hague region

A doula is there entirely for you to fully prepare, guide and bundle you. This will greatly nourish your confidence so that you can maintain control at all times during childbirth and make well-informed choices, from your own strength and intuition with support and dedication.

Mama Retreat

Luxurious, informative & relaxing weekend, especially for the upcoming mama's. Yoga & mindfulness, preparation for childbirth and birth, relaxation, rest, nature and time for you! Do you want to give birth successfully with Confidence, Tranquility, Knowledge & Direction?...

Pregnancy Coach The Hague region

A maternity doula provides you with support and guidance throughout your pregnancy that suits you and your birthing journey with expert and compassionate care. We bundle you with meaningful lessons, education and support so you can have a confident, powerful birth experience.

Mama Self Care

Find your balance in the 3 week Self Care moment, with a dose of loving attention for yourself (and your child) every day. Put yourself first! “The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself. ” Self-care is something we...

Doula region The Hague

A doula is someone who is there continuously and offers compassionate and experienced support. She guides you (and your partner) through all stages of delivery. In addition to trust, her presence gives a lot of relaxation and peace, so that you feel supported, loved and carried during the magical birth journey.

Vansi's prenatal yoga classes were always a very nice moment of relaxation during my stressful pregnancy. Vanessa is very calm and sweet and explains the exercises well, so that you can even copy them without looking. I found the fifteen minute explanation about childbirth really added value, it helped me a lot when the time came. The birthing course was also very instructive, with clear and realistic explanations and instructions, which also included practice. my critical partner thought so too!


The pregnancy course at studio Vansi is incredibly useful, highly recommended for pregnant couples to follow. Very informative, with a lot of knowledge and well looked after. The combination of explanation, elements of Spinning Babies, Mindfulness, Hypnobirthing and medical information also gives a realistic picture and a lot of confidence and self-assurance. We were able to anticipate well in the delivery phases, without surprises! Thanks for the wise lessons and fun way of learning. A real recommend, also for men.


Now 2 x prenatal yoga done at Vansi, 1x partner workshop, 1x spinning babies workshop and 1x mamababy yoga. Well guided every time. What's so nice is that Vanessa is relaxed and sober about being pregnant/giving birth/babies. She comes with concrete tips and also explains why it works. Not floaty, as people might think when it comes to yoga, but rather practical. My babies turned a lot in the belly, with the first with the help of exercises ensured that she was in the right position at birth. The second was a bit more stubborn, but thanks to the yoga technique I applied during the version by the gynaecologist, the version went well (and the delivery went well after that). Recommended!

From the 18th week of my pregnancy I went to yoga regularly. Studio Vansi gives a nice relaxed and stimulating class for a body with a big belly. The explanation that is given about the delivery and maternity period was also great. I felt good and also well prepared. We also did the prenatal course, which is also highly recommended with your partner.


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