The Body Ready Method is a holistic approach to preparing your body for a more efficient delivery and a smooth recovery. It is a very good addition to our birth preps for childbirth or another preparation course.

The method focuses on alignment and body awareness. You achieve this by examining your daily life patterns such as; walking, standing, sitting and breathing patterns, and assess how these affect the posture and function of your body. By responding to the specific needs of your body and with supporting exercises, you often notice immediate improvements.  

The Body Ready Method believes that when we learn and practice postures, we prepare the body to find them intuitively. We want to create that mind-body connection so you can intuitively access it during your labor and better understand cues to know where your baby is during labor.

You will learn new and effective methods that help during your pregnancy and childbirth: 

  • Expectant mothers who want to optimally prepare their bodies for childbirth
  • Preparing for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean section)
  • Pregnant women experiencing discomfort and seeking relief
  • Women who have had a difficult previous birth and want to prepare differently this time
  • Women who are concerned about their core or pelvic floor
  • Pregnant women who are looking for a more holistic approach to staying strong, functional and mobile during pregnancy, birth and postpartum
  • Postnatal recovery