COVID-19 Measures

Come and follow your lessons on location, you are most welcome. Make sure you are aware of the rules below that we use regarding the corona measures.

As a studio, we follow the guidelines of the RIVM at all times (for the Netherlands, or if a distinction is made, for the The Hague region) We keep an eye on the latest developments and adjust our actions accordingly. Here read the latest news from RIVM.


  • From now on there are no more measures for the physical indoor yoga, pilates classes!
  • Important; if you are sick or have cold symptoms, we ask you not to come, provided you have been tested negative. You can always email/app us to discuss your situation and/or your reservation.
  • If you are without symptoms for 24 hours, you are welcome in class.
  • Teachers can refuse students access to the lesson, workshop or course if someone visibly has a cold and/or is ill and/or if someone is not feeling well. via entered the registration system. We are obliged to keep a registration of the participants present. 
  • Please wash your hands before class starts.
  • We ventilate our rooms as often as possible. Before, during and after classes.
  • Bring your own bottle of water.
  • If you want you can, bring your own yoga mat and any other attributes you may need for your lesson.
  • Extra attention is paid to the cleaning of the materials at our locations.
  • When you can't or don't want to participate, you can take most of the lessons via Zoom follow, indicate this via the grid by the online to book a lesson or email us.
  • We assume that everyone is careful with the people around them and that they follow our rules.

Additional information outside of prenatal yoga * Mama Move strong lesson:

  • Bring your own yoga mat and possibly a blanket and/or pillow. Only applies to the yoga class.
  • Bring your own drink.
  • Go to the toilet before coming to the outdoor class.