Listening to your body is important. Not only when you are pregnant and about to give birth, but just always. But how do you do that?

Mindful birth will help you!

The trick is to let go of expectations during birth and to listen to your body. Even if, for example, you have thought in advance that you want to use the birthing stool, but prefer to sit on your hands and knees. Or that you want to stay vertical, because everyone says so, but you find yourself really wanting to lie down, just do it. Perhaps you need that because your dilation is actually super fast. Realize that you can choose for yourself. Give your body space in this, feel and experience what it needs from moment to moment. Also indicate what you need to the people around you.

You prefer to go into (and through) your birth with confidence. Listening to your body means that you can stay with all your attention in the here and now, with the birth of your baby. It means that you make room for the baby, and adjust your posture to the position of your child. It means that you feel as comfortable as possible, so that all the necessary hormones can be released and all reflexes automatically ensure a smooth birth. That you can turn all the way in and let nature do its work.

But watch out; 'Listening to your body' sounds easier than it is.

It is hard work. You can't just sit there and think, well, I'll do that about three times during my leave, and then expect that you're completely in sync with your body. That's not how it works if you've ignored your body's signals for years. It's a matter of keep practicing and keep looking for what feels right for you.