Increase the chance of a relaxed and peaceful experience birth! 

Relaxation can really help to make your birth go more smoothly. It has a positive influence on your body and your experience. With hypnobirthing tools you learn to relax easily and effectively. 

Hypnobirthing consists of a series of exercises and breathing techniques that help you as an expectant mother to relax. Because you practice with a deep state of relaxation, worries and doubts are reduced. During all exercises you decide what you want to achieve. You strengthen your positive thoughts, strength and/or peace. You learn to increase or maintain your control and focus more deeply. These simple exercises will give you peace of mind during pregnancy and a lot of support during childbirth.

You do this through affirmations, visualizations and self-hypnosis; is a form of natural trance to relax. Everyone has short moments of deep relaxation every day. You let go of the world around you for a moment. You are focused and relaxed at the same time. This can happen while walking, reading, listening to music or dancing. At such a moment you are in a state of deep relaxation or very focused on one thing. So hypnosis is actually switching off your thoughts. 

You will learn techniques to relax more deeply:

  • In simple steps you will learn to bring your body into a FOCUSED deep RELAXATION, from which you can come back at any time.
  • This gives you CONTROL over your body and your thoughts, you can LET GO of worries and doubts surrounding childbirth and/or block out unnecessary DISTRACTIONS.
  • Attention is also paid to the POWER of REPETITION, the to automate and master techniques, through which CONDITIONING takes place. 
  • You maintain control and experience/determine what happens. This way you are completely DEDICATED to the birth process and you increase the chance of a relaxed and calm labor and birth of your child.