Mama and Baby yoga The Hague

This 4 week series of classes is for you together! This way you can get moving again in a safe and pleasant way after giving birth, move together with your child, massage in a relaxed way and you will receive explanation and information.


Mama & baby yoga is eand pampering moment for you and your baby, in which you can give your baby

(even better) get to know and enjoy together

Mama and Baby yoga is a moment of loving attention and contact with each other, you enjoy and relax together.

The yoga exercises for mama are aimed at strengthening your body in a safe and gentle way, making it flexible and vital and letting the energy flow again. Variations are offered where you can involve your child in a playful way.

In addition, we pay attention to massaging your baby in every lesson. By moving and relaxing together you strengthen the secure attachment and bond with your child.

It is a present for yourself and your child or give it as a maternity gift, nice for dad, parents, family and / or friends to give to the newborn mama.
Having anVOUCHERgive a (maternity) gift!

We also provide the Mama and Baby Mix & Match strip card; this allows you to use both the mama and baby yoga classes, baby massage workshop as the postnatal classes mix & match to your choice!

Mama and baby yoga

Piet Heinstraat 98 The Hague

Saturday afternoon
12.00u to 13.15u

Sept 30 7, 14 & 28 Oct. 2023

What are the benefits of Mama & Baby Yoga:

    • MASSAGE makes it easier for babies to relax; it often has a positive effect on hormones, sleep rhythm and reduces crying and abdominal cramps.
    • Babies DISCOVER their bodies and that helps the DEVELOPMENT of motor skills, digestion and nervous system.
    • The CONTACT between you and your baby benefits a secure ADHESION and strengthens TRUST.
    • Hatha YOGA HOUSES for your own recovery and let the energy flow. For eg abdomen and pelvis (bottom), neck, shoulders, back.
    • You will receive useful INFORMATION about, among other things; your abdomen and pelvis, carrying and the development of your baby.
    • You MEET other mothers with babies and there is room for questions and to exchange experiences.

The series consists of 4 lessons. You can participate with your child from 6 weeks to about 9 months old.

The lessons are given in a relaxed atmosphere, there is always room to feed, comfort, care and let your baby sleep. It's for everyone mama accessible, no experience with yoga is required.

For the 4 week series you pay 72,- euros.

This mama & baby series is also in one MIX & MATCH COMIC CARD to book

This series is included with a 12 month membership.

De Mama Special lessons provide, among other things, more knowledge and depth.

The next 'Mama Specials' are offered:

  • Birth Circuit (BC); we go through many birth positions through a circuit
  • Birth Breath (BB); all breathing movements that are important in childbirth are offered
  • Birth Together (BT); this is a fun prenatal yoga class together with your partner :)
  • Birth Mindset (BM); positive mindset is very important in childbirth! How do you do that and how to deal with stress & anxiety in childbirth
  • Mama Mindful (MM); in this lesson there is attention for your new mamas. We talk and share, but there are also simple exercises to really experience relaxation and respond to peace and tranquility.

Sign up for the Mama Specials via us online schedule.

In addition, we offer for all (upcoming) mama's within our community, who need explanation, support, questions and/or guidance it MAMA SUPPORT moment online On. We give this group free once a month! To register via the schedule.