Mama Keizersnee Circle in The Hague

Unique range created to help women who give birth by cesarean section reflect, connect, support and relax to honor the special and transformative moment of your birth.


Help yourself to be better in touch, to heal and to get into your power so that you can enjoy again/more!

You gave birth to your baby via Caesarean section; congratulations dear mama!

Childbirth is a life-changing experience for any woman, no matter how your delivery went! Whether you experienced an unexpected or planned cesarean delivery, it can be overwhelming, physically, mentally and emotionally, and can often take time to process. How nice is it to share your experiences and feelings with others mamathose who have experienced the same.

De mama circle is a unique sharing and connecting circle. Created especially for you and to join together with like-minded women, however long ago your cesarean delivery was. In this circle we offer you a safe and supportive space to share, ventilate and heal together with other women.

For you and together in a small group of like-minded women, to cherish your experience in an intimate, safe and profound way and to give it a place so that you can process this experience physically, mentally and emotionally.

Do you experience:

  • Feelings of loneliness, guilt, disappointment or failure as a woman in labor.
  • That you can't place your emotions or emotional emptiness.
  • That you find it difficult to process your birth, but that you need it.
  • That you have not yet given the experience of childbirth a place, even if it has been a long time.
  • A feeling of misunderstanding because no one seems to understand what you have been through.
  • Miss your attention and healing for your experience.

Do you need to include;

  • Do you like being with others? mamato connect and share experiences.
  • Reflect, accept and give a place to your birth.
  • Do you want to heal your experience; by lovingly approaching, supporting, nourishing and connecting yourself with presence, trust and your own strength.
  • Physical self-care womb and psoas healing.
  • A holistic approach to the course of a cesarean section for you and your baby.

    It is a 4-week series and explores different themes; selfcare, meditation, emotional release, self-reflection, hormonal balance and breath awareness and journaling. You are welcome from 8 weeks until long after your delivery, because you can end your delivery in a loving way even years after your caesarean section.

    There is plenty of space for you in the circle; you will feel carried and supported, touched and cherished. Because all mama's in this circle share a common cesarean section. We connect and bundle with each other and with yourself, with your inner and outer nature. By sharing and listening to your story openly and honestly, you feel heard, seen and strengthened and we create more softening, healing and awareness. 

    In this loving and safe circle, emotions and feelings can be there, approached and felt. You can heal yourself through exercises with attention and confidence. So that you can process this experience physically, mentally and emotionally and get a place in your life.

    This mama circle consists of 4 weekly meetings of 1,5 hours each and you pay for this 150€,-

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