Mama specials The Hague

Deepening is central to these lessons. To face your birth with knowledge, confidence and a positive mindset. So that you are clear and focused during your delivery and can give birth in a relaxed and calm manner.

After all, giving birth is easiest when you can relax. That's you; when you are confident of yourself, your baby and the birthing process!

De Mama Special lessons provide more knowledge, deepening, confidence and fun!

The next 'Mama Specials' are offered:

  • Birth Circuit (BC); we go through many birth positions through a circuit
  • Birth Breath (BB); breathing movements that are important in childbirth are offered
  • Birth Together (BT); This is a fun partner yoga class that you do together with your (birth) partner :)
  • Birth Mindset (BM); positive mindset is very important in childbirth! How do you do that and how to deal with stress & anxiety in childbirth

The lessons revolve around these essential elements; movements, breath, inner knowledge, rituals, rest and relaxation, so that you can apply this during your birth. If you know how your body works, what you find important and what you need and which exercises you can use, you can approach your birth with confidence.

  • Mama Mindful (MM); in this lesson there is attention for your new mamas. We talk and share, but there are also simple exercises to really experience relaxation and respond to peace and tranquility.

Motherhood can bring many uncertainties and can be quite a challenge. Suddenly you bear full responsibility for a new life, you have been given an additional role and less room to take care of yourself. Stress, guilt or disappointment are more common than you might think. You are not alone. This lesson focuses on your new skills mama'S.


Mama Specials 

1 x per month

Sign up for the Mama Specials via us online schedule.

During the Mama We give special lessons, among other things

  • RELAXATION and MINDFULNESS exercises to increase your body awareness and help you feel calm and focused.
  • Access feelings of SURRENDER and TRUST to what your body asks of you and know that you can do it.
  • Specific and effective BREATHING TECHNIQUES to support and soften the course of your delivery.
  • Fine YOGA and BODY-ORIENTED exercises that promote your physical mobility, which increases strength, flexibility and flexibility, among other things.
  • There is REST, ATTENTION and CONTACT for yourself and the development of your child.
  • In every lesson INFORMATION about what to expect during labor and birth.
  • CONTACT, CONNECTION and EXCHANGE with a nice group of pregnant expectant mama'S.

We offer several weekly pregnancy classes and are terrified of every betrothed mama, with or without experience. You can join whenever you feel the need. We recommend that you start between 12 and 25 weeks and follow the weekly lessons until your due date, for a better physical and mental balance and a good preparation for your delivery. But even if you can/want to participate later in the pregnancy, you are welcome, it always works in your favor!

With the 8 week + Follow Up Prep are you fully prepared for your (next) birth!

Your (birth) partner is indispensable and plays an important role in the birth process. Birth Preps can therefore be booked additionally and in combination; mama move- short journey, well prepared, full journey of fully prepared. Choose your strip card, membership or follow a trial class.

It is also possible to move on after giving birth for the postnatal classes. Your membership and payment can be stopped from your due date up to max. 3 months after giving birth.