Mindful Childbirth helps you gain confidence in your own inner knowing and strength, and the ability to stay focused on what is to come. You will learn to focus your attention on your pregnant body, this will allow you to make intensive contact with your baby and will help you to remain calm and focused during the birth. This means you are less hindered by feelings of fear and can deal with labor pain in a good way.

'Mindful birth' gives you one tool to be completely present at one of the most special moments of your life!

You will experience positive benefits for: 

  • It is easier to ADJUST your thoughts, expectations and emotions.
  • LISTEN to your pregnant body better, so that you take better care of yourself and your baby.
  • To have the CAPACITY to stay with yourself and to act according to what is necessary for you and your baby, during your pregnancy, delivery and birth.
  • Increase your BODY AWARENESS to use your strength and control the calmness during your delivery.
  • Creating a POSITIVE MINDSET and how to deal with labor pain with more confidence.
  • Deeper RELAXATION and ACCEPTANCE, allowing you to connect and there will be less fear.
  • Are you instantly a MINDFUL MAMA and you can fully enjoy motherhood.