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Studio Vansi is the community for pregnant and giving birth mama's. With us you will find all guidance and support on your path from pregnancy to motherhood.

You will find our lessons, courses and workshops in real life and online at various locations in The Hague and region.

Join our community and Enrich your journey!

Sign up for OA Weekly Lessons & Prenatal Courses

Online sign up and payment via Eversport

Studio Vansi uses Eversport for the online schedule and registration system. You can use this to pay, reserve and/or register.

When you have made a choice, you make via Eversport Create an account and pay for your purchase online via among others; Ideal, Paypal or Credit Card. vto de Eversport App you have quick and direct insight into your purchases, planning and reservations. 

How do I sign up for Mama Course, Workshop, Doula/Coach or Retreat?

How do I sign up for Mama Move classes?

You can join the weekly classes at any time; from 12 weeks into your pregnancy and continue until your due date and from 6 weeks after your delivery.

  • Book a trial class, single lesson, strip card or membership Mama Move classes. NB; we offer different memberships or bustickets, so that you can make your own choice in what suits you best.
  • There are also mama move packages (lessons + course); Short journey, Full journey, Follow up, Well prepared, Complete journey, Completely prepared and the mama and baby move Mix & Match.
  • You create your own account and your payment expires via including ideal, paypal or credit card.
  • With your strip card, membership or package you can take every weekly lesson in the schedule to reserve.
  • Download the Eversport app on your phone and get instant access to our portal, so you can easily schedule and book your classes, buy tickets and participate in our community. If you studio Vansi if you set favorite in the eversport app (tap the heart at the top right), it says studio Vansi always on the app homepage!
  • You can choose which class and location you come to; we advise you to participate in a fixed weekly group lesson, for optimal support and experience!
  • Plan and book your weekly lessons in advance, this is best for a whole series of lessons so that you are sure of a place.
  • Because some classes fill up, we recommend that you book your classes at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance online to reserve.
  • Is the class of your choice full? Join the waiting list and receive via Eversport app/email a message if someone has unsubscribed. The first to respond gets the vacant spot.
  • If you are unable to come to your reserved lesson, we ask you to sign out prior to the lesson, so that someone else has the opportunity to reserve a place.

Membership Information

If you want to stop your membership and payment prematurely because of your childbirth, you can inform us of this. You will of course stop around your due date until 6 weeks after giving birth. Do you want or need to wait longer? No problem, let us know and we will adjust your restart date for you up to a maximum of 3 months after your delivery date.

If you are unable to attend due to vacation or illness, you can make up for your missed lesson in the same week (don't forget to cancel your already reserved lesson). If this does not work, you can make up up to 1 lessons with a 4-week participation, within your membership.