For all (upcoming) mama

Find your balance again with a Self Care retreat, a dose of loving attention for yourself (and your child) every day. Put yourself on number one!

Self care is something we all need, but we make far too little time for. Especially if (upcoming) mama it is very nice to really have the time and attention for yourself, so that you can connect, perceive and feel from love for yourself (and your child). 

We offer this Self Care retreat in which we invite you to make yourself a priority and consciously give yourself time to take care of yourself, relax and enjoy yourself, so that you feel healthier and fitter and your battery is recharged ! With this Self Care moment we support you to give Self Care a permanent place in your life.

Rest and self care are so important;
“When you take time to replenish and attune your spirit,
it allows you to serve others from the overflow.” 

What to expect?

Taking good care of yourself is a must and secretly we all know that. But actually doing it is often the hardest. During this Self Care moment you will experience how you can integrate self-care into your daily life in a way that suits you.

The Self Care moments consist of; Journaling, Self massage, Emotional release, Self Care heart opening yoga, Love & Thankfulness meditation, Face yoga, Hormonal balance and Breath awareness.

    yoga and mindful pregnancy The Hague

    “The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself. †


    Do you want to consciously take the time to take better care of yourself? Do you need a healthy Self Care? Then do this Self Care retreat.

    • You get access to all weekly live and online classes.
    • You will receive a self care E-book with info, small assignments, recipes and self care tips.
    • Daily self care rituals.
    • 1 special mindful mom Self Care moment.
    • Live from feeling and listen better to yourself and your body.
    • Positive influence on the nervous system and therefore on your immune system so that you keep flu, colds, illnesses and stress at bay.
    • Valuing yourself so that your self-confidence grows and you are better able to indicate your limit.
    • More energy to give and be there for others.
    yoga and mindful pregnancy The Hague


    You pay you €249 incl. e-book, all weekly lessons and 1 special Self Care moment.