Increase the chance of a smooth delivery! 

Spinning Babies is a method that teaches you specially developed techniques and basic principles using the physiology of mother and child. The postures and movements do not require much effort and can positively influence the physical processes in pregnancy and childbirth.

A body that is in balance and flexible responds better to the delivery process and makes it easier to cope with the contractions. Spinning Babies supports a physiological birth in any setting and gives you insight and confidence.

The method is aimed at creating freedom of movement by means of a set of pain-relieving skills to learn† This restores the balance in your body so that your baby has room to move, you will feel fitter during your pregnancy and will give you a lot of confidence to stimulate a smooth delivery.

You will learn techniques, postures and movements that during childbirth:

  • The baby ENCOURAGES to descend more easily and to assume the IDEAL starting position, which is very important for a SMOOTH delivery.
  • The METHOD encourages, for example, changing or preventing a stargazer, breech position or other position.
  • Safe TRANSITIONS and PREPARATIONS that you can use during childbirth, to give yourself and your baby more space and relief.
  • Gives more PROGRESS in dilation and the baby can FLECT during the birth process to make the spindle turn easier.
  • Applying effective INTERVENTIONS to positively INFLUENCE your delivery.
  • Gives a lot of CONFIDENCE to create an ACTIVE possible birth.