I am a mother of two beautiful daughters; Madelief and Feline. Being pregnant was a huge revelation for me and a very special and intense period in my life. It brought me to a deeper sense of trust, connection and got to know a primal power within myself. I have developed a great admiration for the female body. Childbirth is such a magical thing, not only your baby is born, you also change from a woman into a mother. And that doesn't just happen, of course a pregnancy precedes that. It's a transformation process, just like giving birth. Something you can look forward to with as much confidence as that little miracle itself.

My first birth inspired me in such a way that I continued to develop and deepen myself. It has brought me to my current work, in which I look forward to with great pleasure and attention mama's (and partners) guided in their pregnancy and preparing them for childbirth. In the meantime I have been able to beg many women and their partnersleiden on their path to parenthood.

I am also a doula and maternitycoach I guide and support upcoming mama's (and partners) before, during and after childbirth. To gain more confidence, balance and have a positive feeling prior to childbirth. So that it becomes an experience that you choose. I support everyone with a personal touch and respond to the wishes and needs that play a role. Every person is unique and so is every pregnancy and birth. It inspires me to love women like thatleiden that stand in their power and enjoy. And with a lot of love I want to support you in that.

Education and training:

  • BRM Birth partner training
  • BRMethod training
  • Naoli Vinaver; workshop challenging births-preventing and solving childbirth difficulties
  • Bia Doula Workout
  • Anna Verwaal: workshop caesarean section deliveries
  • Gail Tully; Spinning Babies® parent educator training
  • jennifer walker; Spinning Babies® workshop
  • Anna Verwaal from womb to world; symposium hormonal physiology of the birth process | reading pregnancy and birth | 2 day deepening conception, prenatal period and birth pattern.
  • Liz Koch; training Stalking wild Psoas | workshop Psoas during pregnancy, birth and postpartum | caeserean workshop – scare tissue
  • baby bliss yoga; training prenatal yoga
  • Nancy Bardacke; Mindfulness-based childbirth and parenting trainer
  • Birthlight Postnatal Yoga Training | Baby Yoga Workout | Pelvic floor workshop
  • Saswitha training for yoga and philosophy | Specialization year of prenatal yoga
  • Parent & child coach training
  • focus coach
  • Byron Katie; The Work® certified facilitator
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition