Pregnancy Coach The Hague region

A pregnancy coach offers you support and guidance during your pregnancy that suits you and your birthing journey with expert and compassionate care. We bundle you with meaningful lessons, education and support so you can have a confident, powerful birth experience.

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Help yourself to listen to your pregnant body, gain your power and look forward to your birth with confidence.

The delivery and birth of your baby is one of the most intense and unique events you will ever experience together! It has a huge impact on both the baby and the parents. It is a magical but also a vulnerable time in your life and that is why it is so important that you as a team are well prepared together. With the right information, it will give you more peace and confidence to positively support the delivery process, however this will go, and at the same time offer a good start to a new life.

Feel fully bundled with all our expertise and experience we have to offer during your pregnancy!

This pregnancy coach package consists of: 

  • A non-binding introductory meeting with your (birth) partner.
  • 3 prenatal visits to the pregnant woman's home.
  • Lots of useful information and support including; we work together on your preference, fear/direction, strength/relaxation, expectations and wishes.
  • During the home sessions you will receive movement suggestions (rebozo methods), massage/pressure techniques and breathing techniques.
  • In 1 session will Spinning Babies parent class come offer.
  • Mindfulness Giving Birth techniques (when desired or necessary).
  • Postpartum Prep workshop from week 25.
  • Vansi's Essentials (nice stuff to support you).
  • 1 postpartum visit; follow up, help, massage.
  • During the entire period I am available via e-mail, whatsapp and telephone.
  • Available for inquiries up to 3 months postpartum.

Pregnancy coach package extra:

  • For 1 year you can follow all pre- and postnatal classes unlimited.

You will be guided during and after your pregnancy.

You pay €750.- for this pregnancy coach package.
VYou pay €1150 extra for the pregnancy coach pack.
To be paid in parts in consultation, total amount paid before week 36.
*The package can be customized if desired.

Even if you do not have a partner, you can also book one of these packages.

You usually need additional insurance for reimbursement. It differs per supplementary insurance what and how much you will be reimbursed. For questions about reimbursement, it is best to contact your insurer directly. your partner may also receive compensation! 

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