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Baby massage workshop: before mama and/or dad together with your child
Private Birth Prep workshop: a pregnancy course for you/you together

Workshops around childbirth in The Hague


Baby massage workshop The Hague

> Piet Heinstr. 98 The Hague

It is a gift for yourself and your child or give it as a maternity gift, nice for dad /mama, parents, family and/or friends to give.

  • Saturday 12.00 – 14.00 
  • You only pay €35 | together €55
  • incl. digital handout

    A 2 hour workshop, together with others mamas and/or dads. As parents you can also come together with your child.

    The baby massage workshop in The Hague is for everyone mama and/or dad with baby. You can participate with your child from 4 weeks to approximately 9 months old. There is always room to feed, comfort, care for and let your baby sleep.


    You do baby massage together with your child from 4 weeks to about 9 months old.

    Baby massage is a great way to make contact, get to know each other and relax. Without words we learn to understand the baby's language, “body language”. By touching with attention, parents learn to understand their child better and provide security. In this way, the basis of trust in each other is strengthened.

    Not only is it a lot of fun to do, but... it is also very useful and helpful for your child. Also bThese are babies who cry a lot, have colic, are restless, are straining, were born by caesarean section and are incubator babies.

    During this Baby Massage workshop;

    Taught different skills and techniques to massage the baby. The massage techniques that are used come from the Bio-Release massage and the Ayurvedic baby massage. During the massage, the body is mainly massaged from the inside out and from top to bottom. This has a soothing and relaxing effect on the baby.

    • Massaging STIMULATES the development of the SENSES, FEELING, the CIRCULATION of the baby's body, the MUSCLES and the BODY AWARENESS of your child.
    • Babies DISCOVER their bodies and that helps the DEVELOPMENT of motor skills, digestion and nervous system.
    • The CONTACT between you and your baby benefits a secure ADHESION and strengthens TRUST.
    • Massaging has a beneficial effect on COMPLAINTS such as abdominal cramps, unrest and often crying, overstretching.
    • You MEET other mothers/fathers with babies and there is room for questions and to exchange experiences.
    • After the workshop you will receive a HAND-OUT in which all massages are described, so that what you have learned can be read and practiced at home.

    Private Birth Prep The Hague

    We give you insight into the possibilities, provide you with the correct, realistic knowledge, tools and information and we pay personal attention to your wishes and needs.

    • You paid €190
    • incl. digital handout

      The workshop consists of 1 moment of approx. 2,5 hoursThis can be physically at your home or on location. This workshop can also be booked as a 'last minute'!

      If you prefer to take private lesson(s), you pay €100 per lesson. 

      Within The Hague no travel costs are charged, outside the travel costs will be charged in consultation.

      Would you rather follow a private workshop? In which we give you insight into the possibilities, provide you with the right information and pay personal attention to your wishes and needs that are important to you and that you want to apply during your birth.

      Because a 1 on 1 moment suits you/your situation better. Or because you want to give more attention to specific topics. Or you have given birth before and want to do it (even) more your way this time. 

      When you are well prepared you create the optimal conditions that make childbirth easier and less painful.

      Topics that can be offered include: 

      • Different (Birthlight) YOGA and BODY-ORIENTED exercises for during your pregnancy and delivery.
      • Praktische UITLEG, INFORMATIE en VOORBEREIDING over de bevalling (o.a. opvangen van weeën, hormonen and realistic expectations), GEBOORTE en KRAAMTIJD.
      • Specific HYPNOBIRTHING breathing technique for pressing phase.
      • Effective POSTURES and MOVEMENTS you can apply for greater relief.
      • SPINNING BABIES method and/or MINDFUL DELIVERY techniques.
      • What you can do and what you can watch out for to keep the REGIE.
      • How to deal with labor pain with more CONFIDENCE.
      • All about PAIN; what is it, why, how does it work? (anxiety reducing).
      • How supportive your PARTNER can be for you during labour.
      • When things go differently; how to prepare for a MEDICAL delivery.
      • Tips to prevent, limit or remedy pelvic complaints during pregnancy.
      • The BOND with your unborn CHILD.
      • POSTPARTUM, period after giving birth.