Prenatal Course DeLFT

Your delivery and the birth of your baby is one of the most intense and unique events you will experience together! It is therefore important that you as a team are well prepared together and are on the same wavelength. This provides insight into what works best for you, so that you can use the positively influence childbirth and create the right conditions that make childbirth easier and less painful, however it will turn out.

Our Birth Preps are all inclusive; with knowledge, insights, realistic expectations and useful tools to support both an optimal physical and mental preparation for childbirth. We give you the right physical possibilities (including pain-reducing and active tools), mental insights (increasing your confidence, resilience and mindset) and practical knowledge (with a midwife and doula approach, understanding and experience).

We specialize in delivering an empowering, insightful and unique pregnancy course, bundled through all of our wisdom, knowledge and understanding of midwifery and doula expertise.

Do you want to give birth consciously with confidence, tranquility and knowledge?

It is important that you are well prepared! This provides insight into what works best for you, so that you can positively influence the delivery and create the right conditions that make the delivery easier and less painful, however it will go.

Our antenatal courses are comprehensive; with knowledge, insights, realistic expectations and meaningful tools to support optimal physical, mental and practical preparation for childbirth.


Our knowledge-intensive pregnancy courses can be followed in NL and ENG
Participate from 25 weeks
From €100 together

1 Day Birth Prep

2 week birth prep

4 week Birth Prep

  • Participate from 25 weeks
  • 2,5 hours knowledge-intensive pregnancy course
  • Clear & compact

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During this pregnancy course we discuss and do;

  • Practical INFORMATION and EXPLANATION about the different phases of childbirth.
  • MOVEMENTS and DELIVERY POSITIONS to ease the dilation and second phase.
  • MASSAGE and PRESSURE TECHNIQUES to promote relaxation and relief.
  • BREATHING TECHNIQUES to deal with your contractions, to relax between contractions and how to go along in the second phase.
  • How your (commanded) PARTNER can beg youleiden, which makes it easier to relax and thus positively influences the delivery process.
  • The GOLDEN HOUR, the first hours after the birth of your baby.
  • There is room for your QUESTIONS regarding labor and birth.

We wish to give you and your little one the best start! This starts with a good, realistic preparation with the right knowledge and tools. This has a positive effect in many ways and gives you the confidence to do it together as a team.

In the pregnancy course we discuss what you can expect during the different phases; both physical, metal and practical. We teach you real supportive tools and a series of breathing and birth techniques. 

incl. digital hand-out.

1 – 2 or 4 week Birth Prep