Prenatal- Postnatal yoga and Birth courses in The Hague

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The place for every pregnant mom who want to experience and apply the positive effects of yoga, relaxation and preparation. Prenatal yoga stimulates and supports you to consciously experience this process in a positive way and to prepare yourself well for the delivery and birth of your baby. Allow yourself the time to enjoy these moments every week. You can start at any time from 12 weeks and continue to follow the classes until birth; at the location, day and time of your choice. Read more....


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In addition to the prenatal yoga classes, we recommend that you attend the Prenatal Partner workshop (from 30 weeks into your pregnancy). You can participate together with your (delivery) partner. You learn, among other things, postures to deal with different contractions, we practice movements, delivery positions, breathing techniques, massages and relaxation exercises. In addition, you will receive practical explanations and tips about the different stages of the delivery. Read more...


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Yoga with your baby is a moment of loving attention and connecting with each other. You will exeperience a balance between your own needs and those of your baby. The yoga exercises for mom are aimed at making your body flexible and vital again and let the energy flow again. Variations are offered in which you can involve your baby in a playful way. In addition, we pay attention to massaging your baby, this often has a positive effect on your baby. Read more...


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In this lesson, the yoga exercices are specifically aimed for moms who have recently given birth. The lesson helps you to release tension physically, mentally and emotionally. To relax your body and let the energy flow again, but also to strenghten and bring muscles and tissue back together by safely reactivating your abdomen, back and pelvic floor muscles. In the class we combine hatha yoga, muscle streghtening exercises, mindfulness and restorative yoga, to eventually archieve a deep relaxation. Read more...


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Mom flow yoga helps you to release tension both physically, mentally and emotionally and to find a new balance, the class is nice because you can really take all the time for and with yourself. The yoga exercises help your body to gain more strength, firmness and suppleness and to let the energy flow again. The mindfulness exercises stimulate you to develop a sense of confidence in the moment. You will experience more peace in your body and more space in your head.



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Would you like to take private clas(ses) alone, together with your partner or friend. In consultation we look at how many classes you want to follow and what the content of the classes consists of. The classes take place at one of our locations, your home or at work by appointment. Private lessons in combination with group lessons are also possible.







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