Mommy & Baby yoga in The Hague

Yoga for you & together with your baby from 6 weeks till about 9 month old

Time for yourself and your baby! Yoga with your baby is a moment of loving attention and making contact with each other, you enjoy and relax together. The yoga exercises for mom are aimed to make your body more flexible and stronger again in a safe and soft way and to let the energy flow again. Variations are offered where you can involve your baby in a playful way. In addition, in every class we pay attention to massaging your baby, this often has a positive effect on the development, sleeping and crying of your baby. By moving, massaging and relax together, you strengthen the connection and emotional bond with your child.


Classes are held in a relaxed atmosphere and there is always room to feed your baby, comfort and care. It is accessible for everyone, experience with yoga is not required.


What can you expect during the class:

  • Playfully yoga exercises active and relaxed together.  
  • We pay attention to moms pelvic, abdominal, and back muscles
  • Massaging your baby, so your baby can easily relax.
  • Your baby discovers his/her body and that helps to develop the nervous system, mobility skills and the digestion.
  • Contact with your baby, which is beneficial to a secure and safe attachment and bonding.
  • You will get useful information about; your pelvis and abdominals, carrying- and the development of your baby.
  • Meeting other mothers with babies, there is room to exchange experiences and information.



The Mom and Baby yoga is in The Hague on

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Saturdays from 12.15 till 13.30 hrs

Dates are: 19, 26 jan. en 2, 9 feb. 2022

Location: Wake up yoga, Piet Heinstraat 98


For a 4 week course you pay €66

Give a VOUCHER (maternity) as a present!

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It is a gift to yourself and your baby or give it as a maternity-baby shower gift, great for dad, grandparents and-or friends to give to the new born mom.


Workshop Mommy & Baby at home

Have you recently given birth and want to stay relax at home with your baby to have a special customized home workshop in your own environment? That is possible, I will come to your home when it suits you. Or together with a friend how just gave birth you can book the workshop At Home.


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For you together

It is a pampering moment and a nice way for both yourself and your baby to be close to each other, to get used to your role as a mother and to strengthen the bond with your newborn child. A nice start with your baby means that you get to know each other better, experience less stress and therefore less tiring. 



The workshop can consist of

  • Looking back at the delivery, the birth and now being a mommy.
  • Massaging your baby; they discover their body, relax easier and it reduces, among other things, crying and stomach cramps. 
  • Yoga postures for mom; for your own recovery, to make your body supple and bring it back into its power and let the energy flow again. For neck, shoulders, back, abdomen and pelvic (floor), etc.
  • There are yoga variations offered where you can involve your baby in a playful way. 
  • Carrying and holding your baby in a safe and comfort way.
  • Finding a balance with your baby, attachment, development, (eye) contact, etc.
  • How you can use your breath for yourself, but also how you can use it to reassure your child.


Mindful Mom moment consisting of; 4 mama and baby-  and 6 postnatal or momworkout group classes


You pay for this AT HOME WORKSHOP (about 1.5 hours) €110.

Also nice to give as a (maternity) gift.

No additional travel costs for a at home workshop in the The Hague region.


Would you like to book a workshop Mama & Baby at home.  


Mommy & Baby yoga is a moment of pampering for you and your baby, in which you get to know your child (even) better and experience the motherhood with confidently

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