Outdoor Mom Strong in The Hague

The outdoor experience during your pregnancy and for 1st year moms after birth, will give you a positive feeling and a healthy boost. This class is active, aimed at maintaining and improving your strength, stability, vitality, suppleness and provides a good condition for body & mind.


This outdoor MomStrong is specially developed in cooperation with pelvic floor specialist and physiotherapist!

By actively exercising together in the open air in a professional and responsible manner, you promote and stimulate;

  • Releasing energy blockages in your body and reducing the amount of stress hormones.
  • Lowers blood pressure, gives a better night's sleep and promotes intestinal functions.
  • Prevents and reduces physical complaints and complications during your pregnancy and delivery.
  • More confidence in your body and it positively influences the delivery.
  • A faster recovery after giving birth.
  • Increase your physical and mental strength as a new mom.
  • You keep your condition level.
  • It gives a relaxing experience for yourself in the fresh air every week.

The class is a combination of light cardio-, strength endurance training, active yoga, movement expanding postures and relaxation-, awareness exercises. This has a positive influence on you and your growing baby and ensures that you start your birth and the upcoming motherhood as supple and fit as possible. Exercising outside gives you positive energy!


The weekly outsdoor Mom Strong classes in The Hague

Are suitable for every expectant- and new mom and can be followed at Landgoed Clingendael. You can join when you feel the need for it and continue the workout until your due date and after. We recommend to start during your pregnancy between 12 and 25 weeks and after birth from 6 weeks. The class is held together with other active mom (to be) in your area, are given in small groups. For this class you don't need to bring anything except a bottle of water.





You can participate from 1x per week, the classes can also be combined with our other weekly class offer. Choose your membership or take a trial lesson first. Between the memberships there is a price advantage and extra options! Moving on after your delivery is also possible. Your membership and payment will be stopped from your due date until a max. of 3 months after your delivery, to continue with the postnatal classes.


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A good condition of body & mind,

is the best preparation for childbirth and the time after.

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