Prenatal yoga in The Hague

Being pregnant is a special and intense process in which your body undergoes a large number of changes and carries your baby in all her love. In our weekly prenatal yoga classes you will learn to deal consciously with these changes, keeping your body flexible and strong and to make room for your baby in various ways. You become aware of the deep strength and basic confidence in yourself that you use for the delivery. And offer weekly a moment of rest and give you the opportunity to consciously pay attention to yourself and your baby. After all, giving birth is easiest when you can relax. You are; if you are full of confidence in yourself, your baby and the delivery process!


Our weekly classes will offer you complete support, preparing you physically and mentally for the delivery. The classes convey knowledge and experience and are unique due to a combination of Prenatal yoga, Bliss Baby yoga, Birthlight method, Mindfulness Childbirth and Spinning Babies techniques. You get the benefits of these beautiful and well-known methods in a very nice, relaxed atmosphere.


During the prenatal yoga class you will learn:

  • Fine yoga series and body-oriented exercises that promote your physical vitality and mobility so that strength, suppleness and flexibility increase. 
  • Relaxation and mindfulness exercises to increase your body awareness and help you feel calm and focused on what you need in the moment.
  • Breathing techniques to support and soften the course of your delivery.
  • Safe transitions and delivery positions that you can use during childbirth to give yourself and your baby more space and relief.
  • To access feelings of deep strenght, surrender and trust to what your body asks of you and to know that you can do it.
  • There is rest, attention and contact for yourself and the development of your baby.
  • Tips to prevent, limit or remedy (pelvic)complaints during pregnancy in a natural way.
  • In each class new information about what to expect during labor, birth and the postpartum period.

Prenatal yoga consists of 

Weekly continuous classes that you follow together with other pregnant moms on different (outdoor) locations, days, times and online. You can join when you feel like and follow till your date of birth. We do recommend starting between 12 and 25 weeks and taking a minimum of 12 till 20 weekly classes, for a better physical and mental balance and a good all-round preparation for your delivery. The classes are suitable for every expectant mom, are given in small groups and there is room for questions and exchange.



The Prenatal yoga classes are nearby in The Hague

Prenatal yoga 1.jpgYou can participate from 1x per week, the classes can also be combined with our other weekly class offer. Choose your membership or take a trial class first. Between the memberships there is a price advantage and extra options! Moving on after your delivery is also possible. Your membership and payment will be stopped from your due date until max. 3 months after your delivery, to continue with the postnatal classes.


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Through awareness you learn to trust, through trust you learn to let go.

If you let go, your body can do its work during childbirth


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