Dance, music, gymnastics have been part of my life since very early age. Right after getting my Master in Architecture and starting to work in 2008 I gave way to my unconscious inner desire to find fullfilment in movement and connection. I went to the Fitness Academy and became a Sport Instructor and Pilates Teacher. I gradually got into practicing, understanding and teaching Yoga. During my trips to India in 2010 and 2012 I moved into further depth, doing my Yoga Teacher Training, Reiki and Yoga Massage trainings in India.

My first 10 days silent Vipassana meditation sitting in 2013 was the escalator of my deep inner discovery. And since then it’s a continuous journey, meeting with different alternative methods that all add to my un-learning, taking the layers and conditionings off. Among all my travels I find the most exciting and precious journey is the inner journey!

I felt the need for more tools to support those who felt drawn to me, therefore I got my Holistic Health Coaching Certification, following with Yin Yoga and Meditation Teacher trainings.

In my yoga classes I am now less technical and more intuitive. Keeping the balance, but allowing my students to feel for themselves. I’m holding a safe and warm space for you where you can have your own personal inner experience.

In 2016 during my first pregnancy I went to study with Kirsteen Ruffell at Birthlight. Getting my Certifications on Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth and for Postnatal Yoga.

It’s a beautiful transitioning time in a woman’s life which gives such an opportunity to personal and collective growth!

I am honoured to support women through these special times. My aim is that women feel empowered, confident and supported through their maternity journey.