Each day your belly gets bigger you wonder what things will be like when you give birth. There is no guidebook for how to peacefully be pregnant and give birth.

Be in the moment

But you can take a deep breath, put one hand on you heart and the other hand on your belly and connect in the moment with yourself and your baby. Feel the connection and sent your baby love from your heart.

Trust yourself

Than let it be quiet and you will hear what you know deep down! You will birth beautifully, your baby will be born into love and peace. Into the safery of your arms. The first cry of your baby will light up the room with purest joy. It will be magical, it will heal the hearts of so many!

Babies born into this time reminding us that life goes on and a bright future awaits. And you sweet mama are carrying this beautiful baby. You’ve been given the power task and glorious gift of bithing a new world of welcoming life. You were made for this, you are stronger and braver than you’ve ever known and now is your time to step into that power.

It ok to feel small, to feel scared in the face of all that’s happening right now. But if you dig deeper, if you tune out all the noise around you and listen to your heart, you’ll hear the heartbeat of the whole universe and you know that all is well and that you can trust yourself, your body and mother earth.
You are held!
You are safe!